TONI'S MENU  'Mozambican Portuguese Cuisine'


Caldo Verde Soup R39

Prawn Soup R44

Portuguese Sardines (Imported) R52
Grilled with red peppers & olive oil (3 per portion)

Prawns (5 Queen) Fried in chilli & garlic R66

Prawns Crumbed (Queen) minimum of two R16 each
Seved with Toni’s special dipping sauce

Chourico (230gsm Local) R58
Flame grilled & sliced, served with a fresh bread roll

Chicken Giblets R44
Peri-peri sauce with red peppers, onions and tomatoes

Chicken Livers R38
Peri-peri Sauce or Mozambican spiced grilled

Calamari Heads (When Available) R52
Grilled with our traditional peri peri garlic & parsley sauce

Calamari Tubes (Falkland Patagonia) R52
Grilled in our homemade sauce

Calamari Crumbed (Deep Fried) R55
Toni's Special

Prawn Rissoles R36
Toni's specialty - homemade pastry filled with prawn sauce (2 per portion)

Cod Fish Cakes R16 each
(Bolinhos De Bacalhau) minimum of two

Vegetarian Rissoles R28
Toni's homemade pastry filled with vegetables in Portuguese sauce (2 per portion)

Greek Salad R44 small / R89 large

Portuguese Salad R34 small / R74 large

Prawn Salad R79 large

Calamari Salad R76 large
Grille Patagonia tubes

Chicken Salad R64 large
Strips of spicy grilled chicken breasts


All dishes are served with Portuguese Rice or Chips except pasta dishes

Bitoque R85
150g mini rump steak with egg, chips & sauce

Beef Trinchado 200g R95
Cubes of matured rump cooked in light wine sauce

Espetada on Skewer R139
350g matured rump grilled, with bay leaves and course salt or in Toni's special spicy marinated sauce

Beef Portuguese R189
Traditional 350g matured rump in red wine sauce with egg, chips, rice and salad

Feijoada (When Available) R139
Traditional Portuguese Stew with beans Pork fillet/Chiken/Chourico/Murcela Served with White Rice

Mozambican Peri-Peri Chicken (-+ 800g half a chicken) R125
Flame grilled to perfection (-+30 mins)

Chicken Trinchado R75
Cubes of chicken breast cooked in a spicy light wine sauce

Chicken Kebabs R75
Grilled in spiced Portuguese marinated sauce

Fresh Vegetables R64
In Portuguese sauce with fresh red peppers, onions & tomatoes. Served with tomato, onion rice

Vegetable Mozambican Curry R69
Served with white rice

Spaghetti Trinchado R69
Matured rump cubes in trinchado sauce

Extra side plate Chips or Rice R25

Extra side plate Fresh Vegetables (Steamed Fresh) R39
Broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, carrots and baby marrow



Calamari Tubes (Falkland Patagonia) R118
Grilled & served with lemon butter and garlic sauces

Calamari Crumbed (Falkland Patagonia) R126
Toni's Special deep fried served with garlic sauce

Calamari & Prawn Combo (5 Queen prawns) R139

Prawn Rissoles (portion of three) R79
Served with rice and salad

Prawns National R169
Cooked in our famous chilli & garlic beer sauce (10 Queen prawns)

Toni's Special Seafood Spaghetti R139
Mussels, prawns, calamari

Traditional Portuguese Seafood Rice R189
(Arroz De Marisco - Prawns / Calamari / Linefish / Mussels)

Fresh linefish (when available) R159
Grilled with Toni's homemade fish marinade. Served with steamed vegetables and chips or rice

Bacalhau R229
Grilled with red peppers, onion, olives, garlic or boiled with potatoes, green beans and egg

Extra Salad or Vegetables R10
(when not choosing rice or chips with main course)


(with coconut and coconut milk. Served with rice)

Chicken Breasts R79

Chicken Breast Prawn Curry (5 Queen prawns) R109

Calamari and Prawns (5 Queen prawns) R139

Prawn (10 Queen out of shell) R159


Toni’s Chocolate Mousse R39

Toni’s Pudim Caramel R29

Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce R29

Toni’s Special Tiramisu R39

Sticky Toffee Pudding R42

Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Ice Cream R49


Filter Coffee R16

Espresso R16

Cappucino R25

Irish Coffee R39

Kahlua Coffee R39

Frangelico Coffee R39

Dom Pedro Whiskey (Double) R48